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Past Issue : Volume - 1 & Issue - 10, Mar - 2019

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1134,   Pages : 1 : 6
Author Name : Murugesan Palanivel
Area of research : Tea Research
Abstract : In recent days, food safety issues have been at forefront of global consciousness. Every year, more people around the world become sick as the reason of unsafe food. Tea is the most consumed nonalcoho...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1111,   Pages : 7 : 14
Author Name : Dr. Pradeep . K
Area of research : Television and News Reporting
Abstract : Abstract This study is an attempt to map the obscure visual text and the visual discourse of spiritual leader Paramahamsa Nithyanantha and Ms. Renjitha’s News telecast by Sun Tamil television channel....
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1138,   Pages : 15 : 27
Author Name : Meghraj Vivekanand Suryawanshi, Dr. Hitendra S. Mahajan
Area of research : Novel Drug Delivery System, Pharmaceutics, Formulation Development, Anticancer agent
Abstract : The natural triterpenoid Betulinic acid has shown the anticancer properties. It showed poor aqueous solubility and high lipophilic nature. The aim of the study was to developed BA loaded Lycoat RS 720...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1136,   Pages : 37 : 41
Author Name : AJAY KUMAR SHARMA, Sanjay Kumar Gorai, Shraddha Prasad
Abstract : In this research paper, the lattice energy of AIBIIIC2VI & AIIBIVC2V type chalcopyrite semiconductors has been calculated. In this work, on the basis of chemical bond theory, a new empirical relation ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1126,   Pages : 28 : 36
Area of research : Nature worship performed in Manipur, a state of India.
Abstract : Nature Worship Haobam Bidyarani Devi, Ph.D. Student, Dpmt. Of History, Manipur University Abstract: Manipur is a tiny state of the North East region of India with its capital in the city of Imphal....
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1144,   Pages : 37 : 44
Author Name : Dr.Anjna Kumari
Area of research : My study is based on protected farming. Under this paper impact of protected farming on income, employment and household assets of sample farmers has been analysed.
Abstract : The protected cultivation technology holds special significance for hilly states like Himachal Pradesh where arable land is scarce due to uneven terrain and holdings are small and fragmented. A number...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1145,   Pages : 45 : 46
Author Name : Ishrat Fatma, Dr.Shivani Vashist
Area of research : English Literature Immigrants Experience in the selected works of Jhumpa Lahiri, Anita Desai,v.s.Naipaul and Kiran Desai
Abstract : The present article tries to find out the impact of cross-cultural conflicts, trauma, identity crisis rootlessness, alienation, and marginalization, especially on Aashima Ganguly, in Jhumpa Lahiri’s...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1142,   Pages : 47 : 54
Author Name : Snehal Galande
Area of research : The study has an interdisciplinary approach. There is a strong substantive relationship between marketing and psychology (behavioural science). The research has touched upon consumer behavior & branding. . It is specifically focused on the analysis of determinants of consumer behaviour, the application of qualitative & quantitative methods to analyse marketing phenomena in the scope of marketing communication. The study has effectively measured impact of sensory determinants of consumer behaviour on the target audience with reference to how people receive and respond to stimuli.
Abstract : The research focuses on importance of sensory branding on Food industry. Two highly reputed brands: KFC & Starbucks have been chosen and impact of sensory branding on their consumers has been studied....

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