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Current Issue - Vol.2 & Issue.3

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1312,   Pages : 1 : 5
Author Name : Dr. Thanda Aung
Area of research : Computer Vision and Image Processing
Abstract : The increasing amount of vehicle usage leads in traffic accidents and most lane departure crashes occur especially on high-way roads due to driver’s inattention or incompetence or drowsiness. Therefor...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1319,   Pages : 6 : 11
Author Name : Khin May Yee, Thida San, Thu Zar Aung
Area of research : Assistant Director Office (Soil, Concrete Laboratory & Construction Quality Control), Irrigation Department (Patheingyi)
Abstract : Soil is an essential key factor of construction, agriculture and irrigation. Soil testing assesses the suitability of the soil for construction project with vital data for informed decision making and...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1242,   Pages : 12 : 28
Author Name : Dr.Amlendu Tripathi
Area of research : journalism with special reference to social media.
Abstract : abstract attached with full paper.
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1321,   Pages : 29 : 33
Author Name : Ahmad Suhadi , Purnamie Titisari, Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana Setyanti
Area of research : human resource management
Abstract : The purpose this study is to describe the effect of competency of employee performance with mediation of work motivation. The type of study is literature review. The result of this study showed that c...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1330,   Pages : 34 : 38
Author Name : Khaing Zar Win, Thet Zaw Aye
Area of research : Embedded System, Automatic Safety Door Entrance System
Abstract : In our daily life, doors are used to give access to a room or a hall. For Security purposes, automatic doors are used with the latest technology. The proposed system aimed to solve security problems s...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1317,   Pages : 39 : 44
Author Name : SAI SIE THU KYAW, Daw Moh Moh Khaing
Area of research : networking
Abstract : Today, file sharing is widely distributed across networks, administrators face growing problems as they try to keep users connected to the data they need. The distributed file system provides a mechan...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1337,   Pages : 45 : 50
Author Name : Thae Thae Ei Aung, Thiri Kywe, Hnin Ngwe Yee Pwint
Area of research : Science, Engineering and Technology
Abstract : The item counting system is mainly used for packaging and manufacturing operation in the factory. The process is automatic and continuous operation. The control design of the item counting system is t...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1338,   Pages : 51 : 58
Author Name : Thiri Kywe, Hnin Ngwe Yee Pwint, Thae Thae Ei Aung
Area of research : Science, Engineering and Technology
Abstract : Today, the Growth of Technology and the use of CNC machine are rapidly increased. The idea behind this system is to design Automatic Mini CNC Drawing Machine with Arduino Microcontroller and CNC shiel...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1335,   Pages : 59 : 65
Author Name : Thiri Kywe, Thae Thae Ei Aung, Hnin Ngwe Yee Pwint
Area of research : Science, Engineering and Technology
Abstract : Self-driving car is a vehicle that can guide itself without human interaction. The car is capable of reaching the given destination safely and intelligently thus avoiding the risk of human erroring th...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1339,   Pages : 66 : 72
Author Name : Thae Thae Ei Aung, Hnin Ngwe Yee Pwint , Khine Myint Mon
Area of research : Science, Engineering and Technology
Abstract : Pneumatic stamping system is the system for stamping a logo onto items by air pressure. This is the combine of electrical control and mechanical system. The pneumatic system is one which is done by th...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1340,   Pages : 73 : 78
Author Name : Hnin Ngwe Yee Pwint, Khine Myint Mon, Thae Thae Ei Aung
Area of research : Electronics and Communication Engineering , Network Database System
Abstract : Basically, database is a collection of data that it is a place to store data. In this system, data or many facts can be create and store. A database allows easy and efficient storage, retrieval and mo...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1341,   Pages : 79 : 84
Author Name : Moh Moh Khaing , Sai Sie Thu Kyaw
Area of research : online family health guide service
Abstract : Nowadays electronics- health is taking place on the Internet. This new tool will change what we do traditionally. In this technological era, old methods may not fit the new world. With the rapid growt...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1322,   Pages : 85 : 97
Author Name : Muath Labib Suleiman Subbah, Prof. Datuk Dr. Ismail Rejab
Area of research : Marketing - Branding
Abstract : This study investigated the role of HRM training and development as a part of HRM that is one of the support activities in Porter's value chain on the effects of brand elements on brand equity among p...

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