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Current Issue - Vol.2 & Issue.2

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1288,   Pages : 1 : 5
Author Name : Dr. Arjun Kumar Singh
Area of research : This study explores the journey of modern Indian art. As a part of modern Indian art, this paper explores the narrative aspects of artist Himmat Shah and identified his experimentation around the indigenous modernism. This paper also identifies and explore the narrative of real and surreal in the context of Indian modernist practices in visual art after post-independence India
Abstract : Indian art has faced a severe crisis during colonial rule, which ended with the rise of modernism when the artists started again on their expedition for true art. Himmat Shah is one of them who constr...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1278,   Pages : 6 : 9
Author Name : Dr. S. Pougajendy, S.Girija
Area of research : human resources management
Abstract : Leather industry is the one of the largest potential employment generation sectors in India. Leather industries provide employment to skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled peoples. In this regard there ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1294,   Pages : 10 : 21
Author Name : Ghazali Bello Abubakar, Sama’ila Shehu
Area of research : International Relations, Political Science, Political Economy
Abstract : Nigeria and India stand as Afro-Asian regional powers those emerge with the potentials and economic boosting. These make them play cardinal roles in the international political environment. Over sever...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1197,   Pages : 22 : 33
Author Name : Subal Tandi
Area of research : Sociology of education, Medical Sociology, Development Sociology,
Abstract : In sociological perspective, postmodernism has important for generating new and exciting ideas and postmodernism has produce academic controversies that have lasted for decades. A major arena for post...

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