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Past Issue : Volume - 2 & Issue - 1, Jun - 2019

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1253,   Pages : 1 : 2
Author Name : S. Lyrics Miruna
Area of research : human resource management
Abstract : In the present scenario, a wave of new E-Learning tools has helped Learning and Development professionals avoid repetitive classroom training. Instead of standing in a very room filled with staff ever...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1254,   Pages : 3 : 6
Author Name : S. Lyrics Miruna
Area of research : Commerce
Abstract : In recent times technology plays a very vital role with this, the way we transact in daily life has changed drastically with the advent of smartphone the life has become easier where all payments & tr...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1257,   Pages : 7 : 11
Author Name : Shivani ., Sujata Roy Abhijat, Shabeena
Area of research : Philosophy
Abstract : This paper will present a brief account of Rousseau, Hume and Alan Bloom’s view on family and justice along with Susan Okin’s alarming view over the issue of justice in family who points out and criti...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1262,   Pages : 12 : 16
Author Name : Sobia Naseem, Shazia Salamat
Area of research : Education
Abstract : This study enlightened the education system of Pakistan, and the development steps are needed to take in. Being a developing country, Pakistan needs to increase the education level or literary level. ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1264,   Pages : 17 : 19
Author Name : Sobia Naseem, Shazia Salamat
Area of research : Public Administration
Abstract : Medical waste disposal is become a biggest problem for healthcare department .Disposal waste process of hospitals faced different problems which raise the questions after the visit of government the ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1263,   Pages : 20 : 22
Area of research : English language
Abstract : Drama requires specialized skill and talent in selecting a theme which is presentable on the stage and in picking up a technique which appeals to the audience. The drama is an expert form of art and ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1270,   Pages : 23 : 26
Author Name : K. JAGANBABU
Area of research : Languages and Literature
Abstract : Canadian literature in English is one of the most virile works of literature. More like the observable sound, it has offered two major critical attitudes those are based on the merit analysis and a pr...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1267,   Pages : 27 : 34
Author Name : Tawanda Mukurunge, Neo Tlali, Takura Bhila
Area of research : Education
Abstract : The study sought to establish the opportunities and challenges of free primary education in Lesotho. Qualitative research methods were used for data gathering and analysis. Purposive and snowball samp...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1273,   Pages : 35 : 47
Author Name : Md. Saifuzzaman Sazib , Md. Islam Molla, Parimal Talukder , Mrityunjoy Biswas
Area of research : Pharmacy, Pharmacology & theraputics
Abstract : To improve the bioavailability, stability, solubility and patient compliance lyophilized injection dosage form is extensively used in pharmaceutical industry. For better patient satisfaction particula...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1227,   Pages : 48 : 50
Author Name : Mhd Anas Kousa, Sara Ravan Ramzani
Area of research : Administrative sciences
Abstract : The Islamic Banking System (IBS) is a financial system governed by the principles of Islamic law in which the basic sources of Islamic law are the Qur'an and the Sunnah, followed by jurists and interp...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1249,   Pages : 51 : 57
Author Name : Mhd Anas Kousa, Sara Ravan Ramzani
Area of research : Administrative sciences
Abstract : In the last three decades, and Islamic finance system has greatly expanded. However, people are still not completely aware of how it is different from conventional finance system. Thus, it can be imp...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1280,   Pages : 58 : 68
Area of research : Agriculture science and enginnering
Abstract : Africa has found it compelling to focus on innovations and policy targeted at increased use of modern input to improve productivity. In tandem with this, Federal Government of Nigeria in 2015 establis...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1275,   Pages : 69 : 74
Author Name : Cici Widya Prasetyandari, Hari Sukarno, Sumani
Area of research : finance
Abstract : The main activity of Islamic banking is to collect funds from the community and then distribute them in the form of financing. The type of this study is to analyze the role of NPF on the effect of mud...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1279,   Pages : 75 : 76
Area of research : Languages and Literature
Abstract : Abstract: Bapsi Sidhwa, born on August 11, 1938, is a Pakistani novelist belonging to Gujarati Parsi, writing in English and is residing in US. Sidhwa as a novelist informs about the abilities of wom...

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