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Past Issue : Volume - 2 & Issue - 6, Nov - 2019

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1443,   Pages : 1 : 8
Author Name : chitralekha saini, Sapna Tyagi
Area of research : Plant culture
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Abstract : In the present study, a protocol was optimized for establishment of callus and in vitro regeneration of medicinally important fruit tree Limonia acidissima L family Rutaceae for production of useful ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1438,   Pages : 9 : 14
Author Name : ZEBA NAZ
Area of research : Languages and Literature
PDF Url :
Abstract : Meghna pant is an Indian contemporary writer, speaker and journalist who has written actively on various issues related to gender inequalities including domestic violence, body-shaming, surrogacy and ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1444,   Pages : 15 : 30
Author Name : Md. Mukitul Hoque, Nur Mohammad Bappy, Md. Parvez Hossain
Area of research : finance
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Abstract : Conventional banking and Islamic banking era have two banking streams that are highly important to carry on banking business in Bangladesh. The objective of the research is to examine and compare the ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1448,   Pages : 31 : 38
Author Name : Olabimtan Olabode Hakeem, Sani Yakubu, Balarabe Fatimo.T, Abdulkarim Yahaya.M, Yakubu Yahaya, Enang Idongesit.A
Area of research : Earth sciences & Allied Sciences
PDF Url :
Abstract : Domestic laundry wastewater (DLWW) has been remediated with activated charcoal (AC). The physico-chemical identities of AC (pH=6.4, moisture content=1.02%, ash content=12.4%, bulk density= 1.7g/cm3, i...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1437,   Pages : 39 : 43
Area of research : Religious Studies
PDF Url :
Abstract : The paper addresses the view of Guru Nanak's thought regarding politics or Sikh view of politics. Politics as a basic and fundamental aspect of human life, no society can function properly unless it ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1451,   Pages : 44 : 49
Author Name : Novi Puspitasari
Area of research : Accounting, Banking
PDF Url :
Abstract : Productive Zakat is a treasure given to mustahiq that is not spent directly, but is developed to help mustahiq business so that it can meet the necessities of life continuously. Zakat can increase the...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1456,   Pages : 50 : 52
Area of research : Languages and Literature
PDF Url :
Abstract : India is a great diversity in itself. It is not only one of the most ancient countries of the world but also the oldest continuous culture and civilization. Owing to this, India is loved by its indige...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1449,   Pages : 53 : 58
Author Name : Kamal Hasan Ali Abohadi
Area of research : English language
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Abstract : The article attempts to define legal language and shed light on the historical development of legal English. The article proceeds to provide a classification of legal language based on different appro...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1455,   Pages : 59 : 65
Author Name : Olabimtan Olabode Hakeem, Suleman Stephen.M, Batari Musa.L, Esew Onyeyirichi, Abubakar Zaid
Area of research : Earth sciences & Allied Sciences
PDF Url :
Abstract : Eco-friendly moringa oleifera seed has been exploited in the treatment of commercial laundry waste water (CLWW).The waste water was initially characterized for its physical(pH=11.4,colour=28TCU,odour=...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1440,   Pages : 66 : 69
Author Name : G D NIREEKSHA
Area of research : Instrumentation Engineering / Technolgy
PDF Url :
Abstract : This paper deals with the manufacturing of an underwater robotic fish with the surveillance application. The controlling and development of this biomimetic fish is presented in this report. This simpl...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1459,   Pages : 70 : 73
Area of research : Education
PDF Url :
Abstract : Technophilia refers generally to a over enthusiasm for technology .The term Technophilia is used as a way of highlighting how technology can evoke in humans strong positive futuristic feelings. Howeve...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1457,   Pages : 74 : 80
Author Name : Shriya
Area of research : English language
PDF Url :
Abstract : History can be called the upholder of past events. History establishes an illuminating bridge between reality and imagination. India, which once known as Golden Bird got parti...

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