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Qualification: Ph.d
Department: Computer Engineering
Designation : Professor

Information Technology, Information system, Telecommunication

Professor and Coordinator

Computer Systems Technology

Illinois State University, USA


Associate Professor

Weston Illinois State University

Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New

Gokhale, A., & Machina, K. Development of a Scale to Measure Attitudes toward Information Technology. Lawrence Tomei (EDs). IGI Global Chapter 4.First Edition (2016)
Gokhale, A. Collaborative Learning and Critical Thinking. Seel, Norbert M. (Ed.) (EDs), Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning. Springer Science and Business Media, LLC (2012): 910-915.

Book, Textbook-New

Gokhale, A. Introduction to Telecommunications. Delmar Thomson Learning (2001)

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Gokhale, A. Leveraging Mobile and Cloud Computing Technology for Growth in Nigeria. FUTA Journal of Management and Technology 1.2 (2017)
Gokhale, A., Rabe-Hemp, C., Woeste, L., Machina, K., & . Gender Differences in Attitudes toward Science & Technology among Majors. Senior Editor-in-Chief: Karen C. Cohen (EDs). Journal of Science Education and Technology / Springer 24.4 (2015): 509-516.
Machina, K., & Gokhale, A. Interventions for Increasing Male and Female Undergraduate Interest in Information Technology. Computers and Education / Elsevier/ScienceDirect 87 (2015): 277–284.
Gokhale, A., & Machina, K. Gender Differences in Attitudes toward IT among IT Majors. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice 14.1 (2014): 26-35.
Gokhale, A. Evaluation of Mechanisms for Globalizing Information Systems Programs. Journal of Applied Business and Economics 14.3 (2013): 24-34.

Journal Article, In-House Journal

Gokhale, A., & Machina, K. Online Learning Communities Prove Effective in Recruiting Students into Computing Majors at ISU. GAUISUS 2 (2014)

Journal Article, Professional Journal

Gokhale, A., & Machina, K. Guided Online Group Discussion Enhances Student Critical Thinking Skills. International Journal on E-Learning 15.4 (2016)
Rabe-Hemp, C., Gokhale, A., & Woeste, L. Perceptions of Science and Technology: A Comparison of Criminal Justice and Traditional Science Majors. Journal of Criminal Justice Education (2012)


Algorithms for Knowledge Discovery in Database. International Conference on Communication and Information Systems (ICCIS). IEEE. (2016)
Filling the Digital Divide: Mobile and Cloud Computing. MBAA International Conference, April 13-15, 2016. (2016)
Guided Online Group Discussions to Retain Students in Computing Majors. Understanding Interventions. (2016)
A Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Online Learning Communities in Information Systems and Technology Courses. MBAA International Conference, March 25-27, 2015. (2015)
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Online Learning Communities for the NET Generation. National Science Teachers Association Annual Meeting. National Science Teachers Association. (2014)
Security Algorithms for Mobile and Cloud Computing. International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering. IEEE. (2014)

Grants & Contracts

Guided Online Group Discussion to Enhance Student Critical Thinking Skills. Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. Illinois State University. (2015)
Illinois State University Initiates Teacher Education in Computer Science. National Science Foundation. Federal. (2014)
Using Learning Communities to Recruit Women and Minorities in Computing. National Science Foundation Broadening Participation in Computing Program. Federal. (2008)
Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology. Illinois State Univeristy. Illinois State University.
Effectiveness of e-Project based Learning to Change Student Attitudes toward Sustainable Living. CeMaST Professional Innovation Grant.

Conference Proceeding

Gokhale, A. Mobile and Cloud Computing: Implications for Business, Society, and Government. Lee Weyant, Professor of Management (EDs). MBAA Conference BSG Proceedings (2014)
Gokhale, A. International experiences in business information systems programs: A Delphi study. Proceedings of the 2010 Global Conference on Business and Finance (2010)

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