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Ruchika Mehta

Mrs. Ruchika Mehta

Qualification: M.Sc. , Ph.D.
Department: Mathematics
Designation : Associate Professor

Fluid Floews

16 Years of teaching experience

Research Papers Details:

1.         1.

MHD pulsatile flow and heat transfer through porous channel with Ohmic effect. Published in J P Journal of  Heat and Mass Transfer, India, Vol. 2, pp. 165-175, 2008. (0973-5763)(Scopus)

P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta


MHD unsteady slip flow and heat transfer in a channel with slip at the permeable boundaries. Published in  Journal of International Academy of Physical Sciences, India, Vol. 13, pp. 73-92, 2009. (0974-9373)

P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta


Unsteady MHD liquid flowing down an open inclined channel. published in Indian Journal of       Theoretical Physics, India, Vol. 57(2), pp.  137-155, 2009.  (0019-5693)

P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta


Radiative and free convective effects on MHD flow through porous medium  between infinite parallel plates with periodic cross flow velocity. Published in Journal of National Academy of Mathematics, India, Vol. 23, 2009, pp. 83-100. (0970-5228)

P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta


Effect of slip condition on unsteady MHD flow through horizontal channel with Ohmic            dissipation and heat source. Published in Journal of  Mathematical Forum, India, Vol. XXII, 2010, pp.34-51.  (0972-9852)

P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta


Unsteady MHD flow and heat transfer through porous medium bounded by parallel porous           plates. Published in Meas. Model & Control  “B”  J.  AMSE , France, Vol. 79,  issue-1, pp.21,           2010.  (1259-5969).   P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta


Unsteady MHD flow of two immiscible fluids and heat transfer through a horizontal channel.   Published in American Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, September 2017.Vol. 5 (2), pp. 85-108, 2018. (2374-5398)   (Scopus) (Columbia International Publishing)

P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta


Three-Dimensional Couette Flow Through Porous Medium Between Two Infinite Horizontal         Parallel Porous Plates. Published in International Journal of Mathematics And   its Applications  (IJMAA), Vol.6 (1-D), pp.719-730, 2018.    (2347-1557)

P. R. Sharma & Ruchika Mehta






Fluctuating Couette Flow and Heat Transfer in a vertical channel in the presence of periodic         suction and uniform injection. Published in International Journal of Scientfic Research and Review (IJSRR) , Vol. 7 (5) , pp. 27-49, 2018. (2279-0543)

Ruchika Mehta, P. R. Sharma & Tripti Mehta


Radiation Absorption , Heat Generation and Chemical Reaction effects on MHD Heat and Mass Transfer Flow past a Vertical Porous Plate in the presence of Slip. Published in Acta Technica , Vol. 63(6), pp. 809-828, 2018. (Scopus-Q4)

Ruchika Mehta & Tripti Mehta


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