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Past Issue : Volume - 4 & Issue - 1, Jun - 2021

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1745,   Pages : 1 : 3
Author Name : Bouchetara Assia
Area of research : Pediatrics
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Abstract : Nutritional management of the child allergic to cow's milk proteins is more than essential. The dietary survey allows for the assessment of the whole diet and the nutritional monitoring is done with t...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1749,   Pages : 4 : 11
Author Name : Dr. S. Usha, Arockya Divya S F
Area of research : Business and Marketing
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Abstract : Payments and Settlements are the important aspect of Financial System. There has been a substantial progress in the infrastructure development, FinTech adoption, Digital fund transfer, Security, Regul...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1754,   Pages : 12 : 14
Author Name : V. John Sundar Raj
Area of research : Civil Engineering
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Abstract : To minimise the stockpills due to the high accumulation of Steel scrap, at various dump yards located in Tamil nadu cities. The accrual of the steel scrap also contaminates the Land and the Groundwate...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1755,   Pages : 15 : 18
Author Name : Azalia Talitha Almira , Andi Sularso, Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana Setyanti
Area of research : human resource management
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Abstract : The purpose of this research is to analize the role of job satisfaction in mediating the effect of organization citizenship behavior (OCB) and motivation on employee performance. The type of this rese...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1758,   Pages : 19 : 24
Author Name : M.Dinesh
Area of research : Civil Engineering
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Abstract : In many past earthquakes many R.C.C concrete structures have been severely damaged have indicated the need for evaluating the seismic adequacy of existing buildings. The structures venerable to damage...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1750,   Pages : 25 : 30
Author Name : K.AMBIGA
Area of research : Civil Engineering
PDF Url :
Abstract : Cement, sand, and aggregate are primary needs for the construction industry. Sand is a prime material used for the preparation of mortar and concrete and which plays a major role in the mix design. Th...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1759,   Pages : 31 : 35
Author Name : Lasisi, L.A, Akinyemi,D.S, Kuforiji, E.A
Area of research : Fine Arts
PDF Url :
Abstract : This study investigated the digital technology as a means for mass production of printed fabrics. In an effort to achieve this, A- 15 items questionnaire titled Digital Technology in Printing (r = 0.7...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1760,   Pages : 36 : 42
Author Name : Yasir Al zaydi , Abdoulrahman Al jounaidi, Zakarya Mohsen Muthanna Mohammed, Mohammad Alzubi
Area of research : Management
PDF Url :
Abstract : In the new digital era, electronic commerce is a modern industry with an increasing number of Internet users worldwide. The technological development of the Internet as a prerequisite for ecommerce ce...

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